High Speed CNC Wire EDM

  • Indian make CNC wire EDM
  • Standard wire EDM
  • Bigger size wire EDM
  • High Speed CNC wire EDM
Wire EDM Features
  • Multipass facility (Up to 60-70mm height in punch and up to 100 – 120mm height in cavity)
  • Controller with Industrial P.C. (Chassis) and works on WINDOWS 7 platform. Inbuilt NCCAD software.
  • L.M. Guide ways for X & Y axis
  • Pitch accuracy 0.02mm and dimensional accuracy ±0.01mm, Circularity is within 0.02mm
  • Job taper – less than ±0.020mm for a height of 450mm
  • Can cut a minimum radius of 0.08mm
  • Total connected power of the Machine is 1.5KVA
  • Low running cost
  • Paper filter not required. Reusable fine mesh filtering system provided
  • Can cut up to 500mm height.
  • No bow in the job because of higher wire tension, wire stiffness and low-pressure coolant.
  • Reusable molybdenum wire technology (can cut area min. up to 60,000 Sq. mm. for 350-meter length of wire at appropriate parameter setting).
  • Can read DXF files. Simple programming
  • Soft water and soap Gel is mixed and used as a coolant, which gives a good surface finish, anti corrosive protection to the components as well as machine.
  • No specific foundation is required.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Can obtain a surface finish of 1.25 µRa in multipass machine. (under appropriate parameter setting and standard test conditions)
  • Air conditioning is not required(working temperature range is between 0–40°C)
  • New programs can be entered while cutting previous program
  • Auto centre find, auto edge find, auto shut off at wire breakage and auto stop at the end of job.
High precision CNC wire EDM