25mm Capacity

DescriptionCapacity & Size
Drilling Capacity25mm
Spindle Nose Tapper MT-3
Spindle Travel 200mm
Number Of Spindle Speed8
Range Of Spindle Speed80-1800 RPM
Drilling Radius Max. / Min.720 / 365mm
Distance from Column to Spindle Max. / Min.655 / 300mm
Maximum Drill Head Travels 355mm
Distance From Base To Spindle Max. / Min. 880 / 175mm
Diameter Of Column 130mm
Swivel Of Arm L / R Side 90 
Box Table (L X W X H) 250 X 200 X 200mm
Base Plate (L X W X H) 1005 X 605 X 125mm
Working Surface 490 X 620mm
Number Of T-Slot / Size 3 / 16mm
Spindle Drive Motor 1 HP, 50 Cycle, 1440 RPM (LUBI BRAND)
Arm Elevating Motor 0.5 HP, 50 Cycle, 1440 RPM (LUBI BRAND)
Wooden Case Size 1100 X 700 X 1800mm

38mm Capacity

Description Capacity & Size
Drilling Capacity In MS 38mm
Spindle Nose MT-4
Spindle Travel220
No. of Spindle Speed8
Rang of Spindle Speed (RPM)62-1980
Range of Power Feed (2) 0.08-0.04
Main Motor (1.5 HP )B-46
Arm Elevating Motor (0.5 HP)A-23
L X W X H380 X 300 X 300
Drilling Radius Max. / Min895 / 440
Max. / Min. Dist. Column to Spindle 810 / 360
Max. / Min. Base Plate of Spindle 930 / 230
Max. Drill Head Drive 450
Diameter of Column 168
Swivel of Arm L / R Side 90o
L X W X H760 X 1250 X 150
Working Surface 820 x 610
No. of T-Slot4
Overall Height 2000
Wooden Case (L X W X H ) 1250 X 1550 X 2000

50mm capacity

Drilling Capacity 
Drilling (M.S.) 50mm
Drilling (C.I.)60mm
Tapping (M.S.)56mm
Tapping (M.S.)70mm
Boring (M.S.)90mm
Boring (C.I.) 110mm
Drilling Head 
Spindle TapperMT-5
Spindle Travel325mm
No. of spindle speed12
Range of spindle speed 40 to 1700 RPM
No. of spindle feeds6
Range of spindle feed 0.12 to 1.2 mm/rev.
Spindle Diameter 81.2mm
Power Supply 4.8 HP 415V 50 HZ
Drilling Power 4.8 HP
Arm Elevating Motor Power 2 HP
Coolant Pump Motor Power 0.15 HP
Working Range 
Column Dia. 350mm
Drilling Radius Max./ Min.1500 / 530mm
Distance from column to spindle Max./ Min. 1325 / 355mm
Distance from base to spindle Max./ Min. 1450 / 385mm
Max. Drilling Head Travel 970mm
Base plate working area (L.W.) 1490 x 910mm
Box table area 600 x 500 x 500mm
No. Of T-slot 3
Wooden case size2810 x 1280 x 2983mm
Approximate weight 3500 KG